2008 Driver Buyer's Guide

The driver is unquestionably the most popular club in the bag.

Cobra Speed LD F

Key Feature: Limit Dimensions, which pushes the limits of USGA rules to produce a large clubhead with a CG that’s extremely low and an MOI that’s extremely high.
What We Like: The impressive combination of features, including the fastback crown, milled dual rhombus face insert and frequency tuning.
Who It’s For: Those with swing speeds in the 87-108 mph range who want power, forgiveness and a slight draw bias. LD M Straight, Offset, Seniors and Women’s also available.
Clubhead: Titanium • Clubface: Dual rhombus insert (milled) • Custom Options: Yes • Lofts: 9.5, 10.5 • Shafts: Graphite Design Tour AD YS
cobragolf.com | $375

Hireko Power Play Caiman

Key Feature: Unique shape with elongated breadth and internal weighting for maximized stability through the hitting zone.
What We Like: Using the Amazonian Black Caiman as a design inspiration. Also, the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating that gives the clubhead its extremely durable and lustrous black appearance.
Who It’s For: Amateur players looking for a club with an appealing shape and a good measure of forgiveness and distance.
Clubhead: Titanium • Clubface: 6-4 titanium Custom Options: Yes • Lofts: 10.5, 12, • Shafts: Hireko Shadow Graphite by Apollo.
dynacraftgolf.com | $106
Hippo HEX2
Key Feature: The hexagonal shape of the HEX2 enables optimal weight distribution to the sides and rear of the clubface, allowing a greater transfer of energy through the ball.
What We Like: The super-hard titanium face is the thinnest possible for maximum COR ratings. The hexagonal design produces high MOI.
Who It’s For: Mid- to high-handicappers who want longer, straighter drives.
What We Like: A radical shape at a great price.
Clubhead: Titanium (forged), carbon • Clubface: Titanium (forged) • Custom Options: No • Lofts: 9, 10, 12 • Shafts: CP4 proprietary graphite (S, R)
hippo-golf.com | $199

Infiniti KO Driver

Key Feature: Stability bars as part of the crown make this driver much more stable on off-center hits, resulting in drives that fly not only farther, but straighter as well.
What We Like: The look. The KO Driver is sleek, fast and sets up exactly how a driver should. There’s no “weirdness” here. The boxing glove headcover is a lot of fun too.
Who It’s For: Golfers who aren’t afraid to admit they sometimes miss the sweet spot.
Clubhead: Titanium (cast) • Clubface: Same Custom Options: Yes • Lofts: 9, 10.5, 10.5 Offset, PL, HL • Shafts: UST Proforce V2 graphite (X, S, R)
infinitigolf.com | $249

Innovex Type S

Key Feature: With an MOI rating at 5,300,
this driver has the characteristics of a square-shaped driver, without looking like one. The cup-face clubface design is a powerful one, helping to transfer maximum energy into the ball.
What We Like: The underside of the driver shows the square weight configuration, but the crown resembles a traditional-looking driver.
Who It’s For: Those who slice, hook and everything in between. With such a high MOI, it’s hard not to bust it down the middle.
Clubhead: Titanium (cast) • Clubface: Same Custom Options: Yes • Lofts: 9, 10.5, 12 Shafts: Innovex graphite (X, S, R, A, L)
innovexgolf.com | $299

Louisville Thumper

Key Feature: The Thumper MAX is the biggest persimmon driver ever made (at 285cc on a 325cc chassis). Due to the wood construction, the Thumper MAX has a higher natural gear effect than metal, thus making it among the most forgiving drivers on the market today.
What We Like: This driver is a work of art.
Who It’s For: Those who love the look and feel of wood and who want to experience just how exhilarating hitting a persimmon wood can be.
Clubhead: Persimmon • Clubface: Cycolac Custom Options: Yes • Lofts: 11 (effective loft is 9.5) • Shafts: Louisville MFP-33 graphite
(X, S, R, A, L); Steel shafts available
louisvillegolf.com | $349


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