2009 Drivers Buyer's Guide

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Today’s drivers are so fine-tuned and well-made that it’s a cinch to find the right model for your game. If your old model doesn’t have you hitting it long and straight, one of this year’s new drivers definitely will. Remember when hitting 300-yard drives was something you only dreamed about? Well those days are over now that drivers are more powerful, more forgiving and more fun to hit than ever before.

If you’ve put a new driver in your bag recently, you’ve probably felt the rush of bombing one right down the middle. These new big sticks help launch the ball at optimized angles and spin rates, which in turn, adds tremendous distance to your drives.

Of course it’s still up to you to square the face at impact, but even that’s being addressed these days by manufacturers who’ve built clubs with adjustable and internal weighting to counteract those unwanted slices and hooks.

New drivers for 2009 include several redesigns that make them longer and more forgiving than ever, while other models have become more specific, and geared toward helping particular types of golfers hit better drives.

When choosing your new driver, be aware that just about every model can be custom-fitted with a wide variety of aftermarket shafts that significantly affect performance.

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