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Golf Drivers

Selecting the best golf club driver can be a challenge. Today's 'big dogs' are huge, easy to hit, long and full of new technology. Trust our golf driver reviews to help you choose the club that's right for your game and get ready to drive it a mile.

2014 Buyer's Guide Drivers

Find the right driver for your game

2014 Buyer's Guide DriversTour-Ready, the drivers that best combine performance and maneuverability; Game-Improvement, the drivers that can help you dial in the best power/control formula for your game; and Power, for all-out distance.

We Tried It: Callaway XHot Driver

Callaway's Pro Long Driver Edition

We Tried It: Callaway XHot DriverIn case you haven't paid much attention to long drive competitions, here's what you've been missing.

We Tried It: Ping G25

The hottest new driver from Ping

We Tried It: Ping G25PING Golf equipment, from its drivers to its putters, might be the most consistent in the golf industry.

Cleveland XL Custom Driver

The hot new adjustable driver from Cleveland Golf

Cleveland XL Custom DriverIn an effort to help golfers like you and me find the perfect trajectory for our tee shots, virtually every major equipment manufacturer has hopped aboard the adjustability bandwagon.

2013 Buyer's Guide Drivers

2013 Buyer's Guide DriversIf you thought color was just a passing fad, think again. It's back in 2013, in greater varieties than before.

2012 Buyer's Guide Drivers

This year's crop of new drivers is longer and lighter then ever

2012 Buyer's Guide DriversThe year's crop of new drivers are longer and lighter than ever!

2012 Buyer’s Guide Preview

Golf Tips’ Annual Buyer’s Guide Hits Newsstands March 6th!

2012 Buyer’s Guide PreviewChances are your diet is actually causing your golf scores to go up, says author and veteran golf writer Scott Kramer.

We Tried It: Ping G20 Series

We Tried It: Ping G20 SeriesWithout question, PING is considered a pioneering force in golf-equipment design.

We Tried It

Titleist 910 Series

We Tried ItLate last year, Titleist introduced its next generation of woods, called the 910 series.

Fit To Drive

You have the options to get fitted for a driver. Here’s how to go about it

Fit To DriveYour driver sets the tone for the rest of your game.

2011 Buyer's Guide Drivers

Absence of weight is the next big trend in drivers. Is it right for you?

2011 Buyer's Guide DriversIf you think about it, we’ve seen some extraordinary advances in driver technology in the last few years. And no, we aren’t talking the transitions we’ve made from wood to metal, or even metal to carbon.

We Tried It: Cleveland - Never Compromise

Four new sticks...put to the test

We Tried It: Cleveland - Never CompromiseFor this month’s We Tried It section, we tested four new offerings from Cleveland Golf and Never Compromise.

2010 Buyer's Guide Drivers

This year's drivers are like the classics, but with modern engines

2010 Buyer's Guide Drivers2010 is a great year to buy a new driver. Manufacturers have (with a few exceptions) returned to more traditionally shaped clubs, stock driver shafts are better than ever (though certainly not as high performing as a premium fitted one), and prices haven’t budged.

We Tried It 2010

Fresh New Callaway Sticks

We Tried It 2010Featuring a radical triangular design (buh-bye square), this driver is dubbed by Callaway as the company’s longest and straightest driver ever.

Tour Power

Bubba Watson teaches you how to hit it strong

Tour PowerDepending on whom you ask, the median amateur driver distance is about 200-210 yards. Shocking, right?

Showcase: Ping G15 and i15

Ping's latest sticks: The G15 and i15 drivers and irons

Showcase: Ping G15 and i15This year, PING celebrated 50 years of delivering groundbreaking golf equipment. Recently, they unveiled their most comprehensive product offering in company history.

2009 Drivers Buyer's Guide

2009 Drivers Buyer's GuideToday’s drivers are so fine-tuned and well-made that it’s a cinch to find the right model for your game.  If your old model  doesn’t have you hitting it long and straight, one of this year’s new drivers definitely will. Remember when hitting 300-yard drives was something you only dreamed about? Well those days are over now that drivers are more powerful, more forgiving and more fun to hit than ever before.

Showcase: Big Guns

A close look at for exciting new drivers

Showcase: Big Guns

As 2009 has already arrived, it’s time to think about adding some new artillery to your golf bag. If you’re like most players, the driver is the one club you really get excited about, and fortunately, there are a number of innovative and exciting designs available in the new year. If you’re a fan of unique geometric shapes, you’ll want to check out Callaway’s new FTiQ driver, as well as Cleveland’s latest rendition of the HiBORE, the Monster XLS.

Showcase: Taylormade Burner

Showcase: Taylormade BurnerThe company that’s credited by many as a pioneer of the hybrid revolution with the introduction of the original Rescue model is back at it again, this time with new hybrids and fairway woods. Both new series of clubs are part of the company’s Burner family, led by the highly successful Tour Burner driver.

2008 Driver Buyer's Guide

The driver is unquestionably the most popular club in the bag.

2008 Driver Buyer's Guide

Sometimes nothing beats hitting a drive on the screws, right down the middle. For you youngsters, “hitting it on the screws” is an old, but literal saying that harkens back a whopping 20 years to when golfers used persimmon heads with screws that held the clubface together. These days, things sure have changed. Drivers don’t have screws in the front, instead you’ll sometimes find them in the back and to the sides. In other models, you’ll find carbon, titanium, tungsten and steel, all designed to serve a particular purpose, which is to help you hit the ball farther and straighter than ever. 

Showcase: TaylorMade r7 CGB MAX

Check out the new TaylorMade CGB MAX driver and iron, both of which are designed to make the game easy for everyone.

Showcase: TaylorMade r7 CGB MAXIf you’re sniffing around for a new driver this season, first ask yourself what kind of driver you need: Do you want more distance? Do you want to counteract your slice? How about a driver that features moveable weights? If your answer is “all of the above,” then you’re in luck.