OnCore Golf Balls Double Down on Distance

Avant Joins Caliber For A One-Two Performance Punch

The first time a Golf Tips editor put an OnCore golf ball into play, at Bandon Dunes in Oregon, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Tee shots were barreling down those rumpled fairways with rifle accuracy and bunker-busting distance. Though the hollow-metal-core ball hadn’t yet passed USGA muster, we were willing to wait. It was love Read more…

Slay The Sway

Equipment Briefs
Slay The Sway

We all know bad habits are hard to break, especially in golf. Sometimes it takes years to reroute the neurons and retrain the muscles to “do the right thing,” and once it a while you’ve got to tear your swing down to the studs and shore up the foundation. Take the dreaded sway, for instance. Read more…

DuoTrac: New Dimension in Golf Training Aids

Measures Weight Shift Along With Other Key Swing Points

How about adding a fourth dimension to your dedicated golf practice sessions? DuoTrac, the 4D swing and weight shift analyzer, with multi-point,­ motion sensors and a free mobile App, will do just that. DuoTrac’s four-sensor device outperforms single sensor devices significantly. The device tracks and provides four times the accurate measurement at four key points Read more…

Hot Golf Products for Summer 2016

Colorful new golf balls, a pain-fighting glove, distance clips, a Pebble Beach book and more
Warm Up July 2016

POCKETEC COPPER-INFUSED GLOVE It’s as inevitable as death, taxes and double-bogeys: If you’re a golfer, somewhere along the line those hands are gonna start hurting. Fatigue, arthritis, basic muscle ache, whatever — thousands of gribs over a lifetime will take their toll. That’s where Pocketec’s new grip comes in. The pain relief properties of its Read more…

TomTom Golfer 2 Watch

Equipment Briefs: new golfers smartwatch
TomTom Golfer 2 Watch

Just in time for your first round of the season, TomTom offers its newest golfers smartwatch, the ultra-slim TomTom Golfer 2. This easy-to-use, unobtrusive GPS-enabled watch is designed to help all types of golfers improve their game with new features including Automatic Shot Detection to see at a glance how far you’ve hit each ball, Read more…

Golfsmart Teams With Volvik

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Golfsmart Teams With Volvik

Things are heating up outside, so it’s time to load up on the kind of nutrient and energy-packed golf drink that’ll keep you strong through the entire round and keep you from losing focus. A new product called GOLFSmart, a scientifically-based dietary supplement engineered expressly for the game of golf, has entered into a co-branding Read more…

Bag Boy Electric Carts

Equipment Briefs

Bag Boy has been rolling out push carts for 70 years, and they keep coming up with cool new models sporting the latest technology. Their new line of Quad Series electric carts — dubbed Navigator, Coaster and Hunter — are 22 percent smaller than previous models. All feature digital electronics with full color displays, super Read more…

Gifts For The Golfing Dad

MISIG STRETCHING SYSTEM Fitness-minded golfers are no strangers to resistance bands, those stretchy strands of rubber that help strengthen the body from shoulders to ankles. But The MISIG — which stands for the Most Important Stretch in Golf — is something new, a complete golf performance program that includes a stretching program, swing training program Read more…

SKLZ Golf Introduces Set-Up Trainer

Anna Nordqvist with SKLZ Golf Set-Up Trainer

Solid ball striking and pro-like accuracy starts with a proper setup. Designed to consistently reinforce proper address position for solid ball striking, the Set-Up Trainer from SKLZ Golf helps you get more power, distance and precision out of every club. Its unique design folds up for easy portability and stores in your golf bag. Among Read more…

Ping Rolls Out the G Forces with New Golf Clubs

2016 Buyer's Guide

G DRIVER Dragonflies? Semi trucks? What do they have do with golf club design? Leave it to the iconoclastic team at PING to answer the question. Take the new G Driver: A close-up photograph of a dragonfly taken by John Solheim, PING chairman and CEO, was the inspiration for the primary innovation in this sleek Read more…