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Golf Equipment

April 2010

The Latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aid, apparel and more

April 2010

2010 Buyer's Guide Irons

This year, it seems every type of iron is billed as a forgiving one.

2010 Buyer's Guide IronsWho has the hot new irons in 2010? Who doesn’t?

Clubfitting 101

There’s more than one way to get perfectly fitted clubs

Clubfitting 101It’s easy to envy PGA Tour pros– especially ones who win tournaments and earn big prize money. Not only do they get to play great courses, but they receive the royal treatment wherever they go.

March 2010

The Latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aid, apparel and more

March 2010Bridgestone has revamped its e-Series golf balls ($26/dozen). The two-piece e5 has a softer urethane cover and a reworked dimple pattern for a higher ballflight, while the three-piece e6 has a new inner layer that cuts sidespin for straighter, longer hits.

Showcase: TaylorMade xFT Wedge

An interchangeable wedge face? Hey, why not?

Showcase: TaylorMade xFT WedgeTaylorMade’s most innovative offering for 2010 is the xFT (Exchangeable Face Technology) wedge ($129).

What’s Hot In 2010

An insider’s look at some of the hot new stuff for 2010

What’s Hot In 2010The WORD from Nate Radcliffe, metalwoods development manager in Cleveland’s R&D division: The rules of the modern game govern energy transfer, stability and other key design variables, but historically the weight and balance point of the golf club have been governed more by available technologies than by the rule books.

Tour Power

Bubba Watson teaches you how to hit it strong

Tour PowerDepending on whom you ask, the median amateur driver distance is about 200-210 yards. Shocking, right?

5 Questions on Shaft Fitting

5 Questions on Shaft FittingDriver shaft-fitting is arguably the most important part of the club-fitting process.

November-December 2009

The latest golf equipment, apparel and accessories

November-December 2009From STX, the company that revolutionized lacrosse, comes the Envision TR ($199) putter. Designed by Bob Engman (a sculptor whose work is in MOMA’s permanent collection) the Envision TR features square angles and alignment lines to ensure golfers address the ball properly.

Sneak Peek 2010

Curious to see what lies ahead in 2010? Here’s a sneak peek at some (not all!) of the product offerings coming soon to a pro shop near you.

Sneak Peek 2010The first five-layer golf ball, TaylorMade’s Penta TP combines the best characteristics of the company’s TP Red and Black balls.

Showcase: Ping G15 and i15

Ping's latest sticks: The G15 and i15 drivers and irons

Showcase: Ping G15 and i15This year, PING celebrated 50 years of delivering groundbreaking golf equipment. Recently, they unveiled their most comprehensive product offering in company history.

2009 Putters Buyer's Guide

2009 Putters Buyer's GuideWhen shopping for a new putter, consider how different models fit, feel and look. When all three match up, you know you have your next flatstick.

2009 Shafts Buyer's Guide

2009 Shafts Buyer's Guide Shafts might just be the most misunderstood piece of golf equipment.

2009 Wedges Buyer's Guide

2009 Wedges Buyer's GuideThere are four different kinds of wedges, and each is designed with different distances and shot shapes in mind. But one thing is certain, if you know how to hit them, you’ll have a day’s worth of close shots and tap-ins.

2009 Woods Buyer's Guide

2009 Woods Buyer's Guide

2009 Irons Buyer's Guide

2009 Irons Buyer's GuideIrons have changed a lot in the past few years. Now, you’re just as likely to see iron-woods as you are traditional blades.

Health Tip: Stay Focused!

What are several PGA Tour players drinking during their rounds? Find out right here.

Health Tip: Stay Focused!Staying hydrated on the golf course is important  if you want to stay physically and mentally strong for the entire round.

We Tried It

GPS Units Put to the Test

We Tried ItAt first we struggled to upload courses onto the Swami by Izzo Golf because we’re on a Mac, and the Swami is only PC compatible.

July-August 2009

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

July-August 2009

Showcase: Milled Putters

Showcase: Milled PuttersOne of the most beautiful pieces of golf equipment is the putter. In fact, a finely crafted milled putter is often considered a work of art among golf club aficionados.

June 2009

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

June 2009

Showcase: Ping Irons

Showcase: Ping IronsIf you started playing golf any time between ’82 and ’91, chances are you cut your teeth on PING’s iconic EYE2 irons. EYE2 was the first game-improvement design that all types of players could embrace, including better amateurs and touring professionals. Because of this, as well as its unique look and feel, the EYE2 became what’s generally considered the best-selling iron of all time.

Showcase: The Anti-Irons

The latest game-improvement offerings

Showcase: The Anti-Irons

Irons today are nothing like they were just a few years ago. That’s a good thing because iron technology hasn’t exactly had such an easy time keeping up with the meteoric rise in driver, wood and putter designs. However, the latest leaps in iron technology have been huge, with numerous models featuring more game improving technology than we’ve ever seen.

May 2009

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

May 2009

2009 Drivers Buyer's Guide

2009 Drivers Buyer's GuideToday’s drivers are so fine-tuned and well-made that it’s a cinch to find the right model for your game.  If your old model  doesn’t have you hitting it long and straight, one of this year’s new drivers definitely will. Remember when hitting 300-yard drives was something you only dreamed about? Well those days are over now that drivers are more powerful, more forgiving and more fun to hit than ever before.

Showcase: Big Guns

A close look at for exciting new drivers

Showcase: Big Guns

As 2009 has already arrived, it’s time to think about adding some new artillery to your golf bag. If you’re like most players, the driver is the one club you really get excited about, and fortunately, there are a number of innovative and exciting designs available in the new year. If you’re a fan of unique geometric shapes, you’ll want to check out Callaway’s new FTiQ driver, as well as Cleveland’s latest rendition of the HiBORE, the Monster XLS.

Hot Sticks '09

The hottest new golf gear for 2009

Hot Sticks '09

Designed to provide a combination of ultra-high performance with traditional looks and feel, the Tour Preferred irons from TaylorMade are a great choice for the demanding player. Features include a Tour-configured sole, a shallow, undercut cavity, vibration-management sound badge and TM’s Inverted Cone Technology for enhanced distance and forgiveness.