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Golf Equipment

We Tried It: Cure Putter

Model: CX2 ($299.95)

We Tried It: Cure PutterThere’s always room in the bag for another putter, but sometimes you pick up a new model, take a few practice strokes then get down to business on the nearest green, and it’s love at first sink.

New Equipment Company Signs LPGA Star

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) is ramping up its tour presence

New Equipment Company Signs LPGA StarThe revolutionary new golf equipment company founded by businessman and golf nut Bob Parsons announced the addition of three-time LPGA Tour champion Beatriz Recari to its tour staff program.

Get A Virtual Lesson Right At Home

Practice, Play and Entertainment System for golf at home

Get A Virtual Lesson Right At HomeSkyTrak LLC, a joint venture of SkyGolf and SportTrak, has announced that WGT Golf has completed the integration of its popular mobile golf game with the revolutionary SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor to offer golfers everywhere the freedom to play WGT Golf with their own clubs in a stunning, high-definition virtual environment.

It’s All In The Grip

The grip is one of the most abused fundamentals in golf because it truly is the only connection to the face and the golf ball

It’s All In The GripA molded grip is used with a short club for two reasons

We Tried It: The Serola Belt

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt, designed by chiropractor Dr. Rick Serola, improves back strength

We Tried It: The Serola BeltWhen one of the greatest players in the history of the game has his career impacted by back problems, people pay attention.

Equipment Q&A Miura Golf

Adam Barr, president of Miura Golf

Equipment Q&A Miura GolfMiura-san determined some time ago that forging the entire L-shaped clubhead at once, including the hosel, risks yanking the grain upward into that part of the head.

High-Performance Golf Balls

Our favorites in golf ball tech

High-Performance Golf BallsDo we really need to describe these golf balls to you?

Equipment Q&A

5 Questions With David Edel Of Edel Golf

Equipment Q&AWhat's the most overlooked aspect when it comes to putter fitting?

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Unique Father's Day gift ideas

Father’s Day Gift GuideThe Precision Pro V400 Rangefinder gives you precision distance without spending an arm and a leg.


Have a look at some of 2014's best

Wedges/PuttersA versatile Tour-proven design that generates lots of spin.

June 2014

Check out some of the best stuff we've seen this year

June 2014

Equipment Q&A

5 Questions With Adam Sheldon Brand Manager, Cleveland Golf

Equipment Q&AOur goal with the Smart Square putter was to improve on putter alignment.

May 2014

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

May 2014


Exotics CB Pro Limited Edition & SkyCaddie LINX

ShowcaseThe strikingly handsome CB Pro fairway wood represents the latest in new technology and performance from Tour Edge's Exotics line.

2014 Buyer's Guide Shoes

A highlight of this year's new shoes

2014 Buyer's Guide ShoesWe recommend at least one new set of grips every year, and if you play a lot, maybe switch 'em up in the middle of the season, as well.

2014 Buyer's Guide Woods

Hybrid technology is right up there with fairway woods

2014 Buyer's Guide WoodsToday's fairway woods are insane.

2014 Buyer's Guide Drivers

Find the right driver for your game

2014 Buyer's Guide DriversTour-Ready, the drivers that best combine performance and maneuverability; Game-Improvement, the drivers that can help you dial in the best power/control formula for your game; and Power, for all-out distance.

2014 Buyer's Guide Grips

Check out our top grip picks this year

2014 Buyer's Guide GripsWe recommend at least one new set of grips every year, and if you play a lot, maybe switch 'em up in the middle of the season, as well.

2014 Buyer's Guide Accessories

GPS, Train & Wear and Training Aids

2014 Buyer's Guide AccessoriesFinally, a golf rangefinder watch with some color. It's preloaded with 34,000 high-precision, error-corrected golf courses, and sports a clear, high-definition, sunlight-read-able display with both positive and negative polarity.

2014 Buyer's Guide Wedges

Have a look at some of our favorite wedges for 2014

2014 Buyer's Guide WedgesThis year, wedge customization is popular, and rightfully so.

2014 Buyer's Guide Putters

Have a look at some of 2014's best

2014 Buyer's Guide PuttersWhen it comes to golf equipment, nothing is as personal as the putter.

2014 Buyer's Guide Shafts

We have several shafts in this roundup for you to choose from. Check 'em out.

2014 Buyer's Guide ShaftsEither way, get yourself fit for shafts that fit your swing speed and tempo.

We Tried It: Mizuno JPX EZ Forged And Volvik Vista iS

We Tried It: Mizuno JPX EZ Forged And Volvik Vista iSWe choose this format of test, based not only on combined decades of experience testing new gear, but because it's the most real-world, applicable form of testing we think our readers want to know about.

2014 Buyer's Guide Irons

Be a shotmaker in 2014

2014 Buyer's Guide IronsLuckily, this year, we've seen yet again another heaping of new irons that try their best to help you hit the ball straighter, higher and farther from the rough and fairway.

2014 Buyer's Guide Balls

The best balls for 2014

2014 Buyer's Guide BallsToday, there are tons of golf balls to choose from, ranging from Tour-caliber to distance ball, with a wide spectrum of golf balls somewhere in between.

We Tried It: Callaway XHot Driver

Callaway's Pro Long Driver Edition

We Tried It: Callaway XHot DriverIn case you haven't paid much attention to long drive competitions, here's what you've been missing.

Showcase: Srixon Z-Star

The new Srixon Z-Star balls

Showcase: Srixon Z-StarIn case you haven't noticed, Keegan Bradley is crushing the ball this year.