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  • It’s All In The Grip

    The grip is one of the most abused fundamentals in golf because it truly is the only connection to the face and the golf ball

    A molded grip is used with a short club for two reasons
  • Out-Turn Your Target

    When hitting chips and pitch shots, have the buttons on your shirt out-turn your target

    When it comes to chipping and pitching, I see a lot of people using only the hands and arms to hit the shot
  • Take Your Game To The Next Level

    What a PGA Tour rookie is doing to prepare for the Big Time

    Tony Finau is one of, if not the longest, drivers on the PGA Tour.
  • Taking It To The Course

    The Shots Of The Masters

    No tournament is quite like the Masters.
  • The Swing & Body Connection

    Learn how to get closer to your ideal swing

    C Posture directly affects a golfer's ability to pivot correctly during the swing, causing the club to swing off-plane.
  • Women's Myth Busters

    So it's time to bust those myths and set the record straight!

    In my experience running women's golf clinics and camps, and conducting hundreds of individual lessons, I've accumulated the top common myths women have picked up while learning the game.