Drivers Buyer's Guide 2006

The modern driver can hold the contents of a 16-ounce can of soda and, with its heightened technology, offers much more pop than that. Check out the newest big sticks and find one that fits your game.

Dunlop LoCo Dart
(800) 235-5516 | $249

Dunlop LoCo Dart Affordable, adjustable-weight driver with the advantages of a carbon crown technology.
Features: By using brass and aluminum weights, golfers can adjust launch and spin characteristics.The carbon crown displaces weight toward the heel and sole for forgiveness.
Advantages: The Harrison 3.5 D Dart graphite shaft is perfectly tuned to the LoCo Dart clubhead to help produce extra distance.
Benefits: Beginners will find the LoCo Dart easy to use; seasoned golfers will appreciate the solid sound, feel and performance off the tee.  
What We Like: The mirrored face really reduces spin, and the weighting kit is a cinch to use.
Lineup: LoCo Pro, LoCo Dart, LoCo
Clubhead: Beta-titanium (forged), Carbon
Clubface: Beta-titanium (forged)
Volume: 442cc
Loft(s): 9°, 10.5° (10.5° available LH)
Shaft(s): Harrison 3.5 D Dart graphite (S, R)

Golfworks Maltby KE4
(800) 848-8358 | $250

Golfworks Maltby KE4 The KE4 is Golfworks/Maltby’s new offering in the adjustable-weight driver segment.
Features: A unique Screw Within a Screw weighting system and two-piece clubhead construction eliminates wasted material typically caused by traditional welding methods. A proprietary forged clubface design, milled to exact specifications, provides maximum COR.
Advantages: The Screw Within a Screw system makes it possible to vary the total clubhead weight by as much as 14 grams. In addition, the system allows these adjustments to be made on demand without negatively affecting the CG location of the clubhead.
What We Like: The displacement of weight not just lower but to the perimeter.
Lineup: KE4, CT 250
Clubhead: Beta-titanium (forged)
Clubface: Same
Volume: 450cc
Loft(s): 9°, 10.5°, 13° (no LH)
Shaft(s): KE4 graphite (S, R) 

(800) 204-2807 | $199

Hippo XXL Built to accommodate a wide range of golfers, the HiPPO XXL is as user-friendly as any wood can get.
Features: Two sets of weights can be interchanged to adjust trajectory and sidespin. The deep-face design has a .830 COR for maximum energy transfer, and the proprietary graphite shaft is optimized for explosive distance off the tee.
Advantages: Adjustable-weight technology lets golfers adapt to varying course conditions, as well as compensate for flaws in the swing.
Benefits: High-handicappers will enjoy the extra distance, and mid-handicapped golfers will love the versatility.
What We Like: Is that price tag for real?
Lineup: ITX2, Powerstrike, XXL (XXL fairway woods also available)
Clubhead: Beta-titanium (forged)
Clubface: Same
Volume: 450cc
Loft(s): 9°, 10° (no LH)
Shaft(s): HiPPO XXL proprietary graphite (S, R)
Innovex CfD
(866) 402-6097 | $199

Innovex CfD One of the best-looking drivers for 2006 isn’t short on distance-enhancing features.
Features: It has the size (440cc) and it has the material (beta-titanium), but what the CfD really has in its favor is a high-tech face. The strike area is forged and very thin, helping produce the maximum COR. More importantly, it features a cup design that effectively widens the sweet spot.
Advantages: The cupface design systematically shifts the club’s CG to the rear, resulting in higher launch angles and greater carry distances.
Benefits: The CfD boasts a modern, deep-face profile and a rear CG, so it will do best in the hands of mid- to high-handicappers.
What We Like: The clean and pure aesthetics.
Lineup: CfD
Clubhead: Titanium (forged)
Clubface: Beta-titanium (forged)
Volume: 460cc
Loft(s): 10°, 12° (no LH)
Shaft(s): Graman CS230 graphite (S, R, A, L)

Louisville SMART ti
(800) 456-1631 | $399

Louisville Smart Ti The most unique persimmon wood ever made, the SMART ti is a head-turner and crowd-pleaser.
Features: The highest COR recorded of any persimmon wood, thanks to a forward-thinking titanium faceplate. Did someone say max perimeter weighting? Despite the high-end insert, the SMART ti retains the forgiving gear effects of persimmon.
Advantages: This driver is the go-to club for equipment purists who crave more yardage.
Benefits: Regardless of skill level, this club performs surprisingly well and it’s a riot to hit.
What We Like: Give it up for Louisville for sticking with tradition while pushing the limits of persimmon technology. Great job.
Lineup: SMART ti, Original SMART, SMART F2, SMART Spin, Thumper
Clubhead: Persimmon
Clubface: Titanium (forged)
Volume: 250cc
Loft(s): 11°, 14° (no LH)
Shaft(s): Louisville proprietary graphite (X, S, R, A, L); Custom Fujikura Speeder (+ $150)

(800) 841-4358 | $300 ($450 Tour)

Macgregor Mactec NVG2 MacGregor once again pushes the envelope of design and performance.
Features: Check out the Cup Face 360° technology, which is the process of plasma-welding the face a full 360 degrees around the leading edge of the club, thus eliminating face welds for a hotter and more consistent sweet spot. Additional technologies include Quadra Tungsten sole weights and a Tri-Plane sole for enhanced stability.
Advantages: The thin crown (40% thinner than most) and tungsten weight screws situate the CG for stability and optimum launch.
Benefits: True distance and truer accuracy.
What We Like: Innovative face construction.
Lineup: MACTEC NVG2, MACTEC NVG2 Tour (NVG woods also available)
Clubhead: Beta-titanium (forged)
Clubface: Same
Volume: 445cc
Loft(s): 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° (9.5°, 10.5° available LH)
Shaft(s): Quadra Action graphite by Fujikura (X, S, R)


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