Drive With Control & Power

Serious advice and drills for big, big hits

Drills Perpetual Broom Swings
This is a speed drill using the large muscles of your core. Hold on to the end of a broom just as you would your driver and rotate back and through aggressively, gaining speed and momentum, all the while maintaining control. The broom should never stop and there should be some serious swishing going on. In fact, listen for the “swoosh”—it should occur at the bottom of your swing, never before it.

Heavy Call Rotations
With elbows pointing down, hold a heavy ball out in front of your torso and rotate back and forth. Focus on releasing your right heel as you rotate through to your finish. Begin with slow rotations and then add momentum with every rotation until you can perform the drill without losing your balance and form. This is a great strength and timing drill that will increase flexibility with a serious ab workout.

Thera-Band Backswing Drill
Assume your address position and hold on to one end of the Thera-Band and step on the other end with your forward foot. Use your golf grip to hold on to the band. Begin the exercise by extending your arms as you would in your takeaway, stretching the band and hinging your wrists at the top of the swing. You should feel your lower body support and resist your upper body coil and your arms stretch as far as they can. Hold the extension point for a count of five.

These drills are quick, easy and, better yet, very effective. Pair them with the knowledge you gained from this article and you’ll soon be on your way to hitting more powerful and more accurate drives.

PGA professional Brad Brewer is the director of instruction at the Brad Brewer Golf Academy located at Shingle Creek Golf Club in Orlando, Fla. For more information about the Academy and Shingle Creek, visit


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