Mountain High

Great golf with an altitude

5:00 pm Unwind from the day’s activities with a soak in the legendary hot spring-fed pool at the Hotel Colorado. For more than a century, pilgrims have traveled to the therapeutic 104-degree waters. Your back and your casting arm will thank you.

8:00 pm As darkness falls, enjoy the expansive Colorado night sky and reflect on a perfect Rocky Mountain golf day.

Where To Learn  
McGetrick Golf Academy
Denver (800) 494-1818 (303) 799-0870

Mike McGetrick, 1999 National PGA Teacher of the Year, is a legend in Colorado. He tutors Juli Inkster, Meg Mallon and Lauri Merten on the LPGA. He says the goal is for each student to come away with a plan for game improvement that’s comprehensive and individually tailored.
Rick Smith Golf Institute
Broomfield, Colo. (303) 466-6128

Employing only the top instructors, Rick Smith personally trains his teachers to help you reach your goals of improvement.

Cherry Creek, Colo.
(303) 388-4832

(303) 770-5951

Westminster, Colo.
(303) 426-6600

GolfTEC says it’s revolutionizing golf instruction with a fact-based golf instruction system that combines the skills of PGA teaching professionals with a blend of video, motion analysis, launch analysis and biofeedback technology. GolfTEC professionals have analyzed and compiled data on thousands of professional and amateur swings, and know—using empirical evidence—what works and what doesn’t.  

Rule School
When playing in thin mountain air, it helps to tee the ball high to encourage a higher trajectory with as much carry as possible. But every golfer needs to pay attention when they use extra-length tees ( The USGA actually imposes a restriction on tee length, requiring that no tee exceed four inches. Also, a tee can’t be designed to indicate line of play or influence movement on the ball. Brush-like tees are considered conforming, as long as they adhere to the same rules as wooden pegs.


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