2016 Buyer’s Guide Training Aids

Golf Tips Equipment Guide
Golf Tips Equipment Guide

GOLF SLOT MACHINE Still looking to hit the low-scoring jackpot? Maybe this beautifully simple and straightforward training tool — endorsed by PGA Tour pro Chris DiMarco and others — is the ticket. Golf Slot Machine helps groove that hallowed inside-out move in seconds. Dropping the club in the “slot” is within every golfer’s capabilities, and Read more…

2015 Buyer’s Guide Training Aids

Training Aids To The Rescue

Medicus Dual-Hinge Hybrid with Performance Head | $179.95 medicus.com The Medicus Dual-Hinge Hybrid features a high-performance MA9 head with an adjustable set screw that allows the user to change the tension on the hinge to a desired break point. The Dual-Hinge Hybrid trains a player to swing on-plane, producing more consistent and on-target shots from Read more…

2010 Training Aids Buyer’s Guide

Aim Align Suggested Retail Price: $7.95 Description: Aim Align is a great training aid. It is a set of pressure-sensitive emblems in black, white and gray circle shapes in various sizes and with several line configurations, which make alignment and visualization much easier. The variety of shapes and line configurations allow the golfer to customize Read more…